2nd Market Capital Economic Opportunity Foundation (2MC Foundation) supports local organizations working to identify needs and craft solutions that positively impact the lives of children and youth in our community.

We fund efforts to expand educational opportunities that enable all children to succeed in school, careers, and life.  We focus our efforts on the following high priority areas:

  • Innovative Pre-K through HS Programs
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Supports to graduate HS & College
  • Career and Workforce Readiness Programs
  • Youth Development and Engagement

Geographic limitations:  2MC Foundation primarily funds organizations in our community (Dane County, Wisconsin)

We do not provide funds to influence legislation or political campaigns, nor do we intend to fund endowments, capital campaigns, or religious organizations.  


We intend to primarily provide multi-year, unrestricted matching funds for fundraising campaigns of non-profits in Dane County with a focus on providing educational and economic opportunities for young people in our community. Grantees are selected for funding because their core activities align with our mission and values. Grant amounts range from $2,500 – $25,000.

We believe matching funds benefit the grantee organization’s fundraising campaigns by attracting additional funding. We believe multi-year funding offers stability, supports long-term planning, and encourages creativity and innovation. We favor general support grants which are not restricted to specific activities but can be used by the organization to support their mission. We trust that our grantees know best how to make use of their grant money.

Occasionally, we may make program grants to organizations with programs aimed at achieving specific outcomes in our focus areas. Program grants are restricted to the activities and goals outlined in the proposal and grant agreement and are expected to have a specific beginning and end, as well as explicit objectives.


2MC Foundation announces $72,000 in matching grants for local organizations in 2019.

Gifts of cash or securities received by each organization during the periods designated below will be matched 1:1 up to the original grant amount.


$10,000 Grant – Matching period: 05/28/2019 – 08/31/2019

The Mellowhood Foundation empowers youth and families by using mentoring and modeling to develop emerging leaders.


$10,000 Grant – Matching Period: 05/31/2019 – 08/31/2019  

Maydm provides girls and youth of color in grades 6-12 with skill-based training for the technology sector. Maydm’s holistic approach prepares students from traditionally underrepresented populations to engage in and revolutionize the tech industry.


$10,000 Grant – Matching Period:  06/25/2019 – 08/31/2019

One City Schools prepare young children for success in school and life and ensure they are on track to succeed in a college and career preparatory program in high school.


$22,000 Grant – Matching Period: 06/27/2019 – 10/15/2019

Operation Fresh Start (OFS) provides a path forward for disconnected youth in Dane County, ages 16-24, through education, mentoring, and employment training.


$20,000 Grant – Matching period: 07/09/2019 – 12/31/2019

Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) delivers rigorous academic instruction in after-school settings.  SSFP methods support the school day and bridge achievement gaps.  SSFP spreads a positive message of youth achievement, academic success, and community service through Wisconsin.  SSFP  students produce and publish content on various media platforms.


2MC Foundation’s funding is directed within our high-priority focus areas: providing educational and economic opportunities for children and families in need. In addition to our focus on the above areas, we prioritize our support to organizations in the Dane County area. While 2MC Foundation proactively identifies mission-aligned organizations to support, if you are a Dane County non-profit working directly with underserved children and youth in education, youth development, or career and workforce readiness programs, we would like to know more about your organization.